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less chugging, more 'ooh baby baby sweetheart'

can i say testicles?

we ♥ joe trohman
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In case you missed it, there are more members in fall out boy than Patrick and Pete.

This is a community made to show love for the usually looked over guitarist, Joe Trohman.


1. Don't promote your shit here. We'll reject it, so dont waste your precious time.

2. We're sorry if the show sold out, thats not our fault. Don't submit posts to ask for tickets. We'll reject them and...fuck it. See rule number one.

3. If you don't use some form of grammar/punctuation/spelling, We'll reject your post. Take the time to read over your post first. Please.

a.) You MUST credit whoever made it.
b.) If its not something you would use, don't submit it.
c.) NO ANNOYING BLINKY SHIT. (We're picky. Oh well.)
d.) Don't steal the layout. I worked hard on it and I'm rather proud.

5. You break the rules more than 3 times, you get banned. It's kinda like baseball, only better.

nmbr5wthabulet, tomconradpsych, and soviets
(your favorite trohmaniacs)

p.s. check out our affiliates viawentztop and topicless, YO.

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